In his last year of college, Brent knew he had a passion for helping others, but he didn’t know how to apply that passion. He was praying for career direction when he found out that his grandparents were having troubles in retirement because of some prior financial decisions. Brent knew there was something better they could have done, and he became determined to help others avoid similar financial mistakes so they could enjoy a more secure retirement. It was the calling he had been praying for. With a few months left in college, Brent joined a firm and started working with people on their financial plans. After several years, however, he felt that he could—and should—do more to help clients achieve the future they envisioned. This mission to change lives combined with his entrepreneurial drive, leading Brent to start RPA Wealth Management. He established a fee-only, no-commission model that put clients’ best interest first.

Today, Brent has an extensive range of duties as president and financial advisor. He provides financial planning, meets with clients, sets the firm’s investment philosophy, and establishes the welcoming, professional experience that clients receive at RPA. He thrives on helping people achieve clarity about their financial future.

Away from the office, Brent loves being a dad. Trips to Disneyland, family vacations, teaching his son sports, and attending his daughter’s dance lessons—Brent and his wife treasure these moments as ones they have looked forward to their whole lives. He also looks forward all week to attending church at Water of Life and having a fun date with the family after. He is a fan of playing fantasy sports with his friends and brothers, and loves watching football on Sunday and attending games with his family.

RPA Wealth Management is a financial planning firm whose aim is simple: to provide you and your family with financial peace and security. We'll construct an individualized retirement plan to help you achieve your goals and lead a worry-free retirement.

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