We provide comprehensive retirement planning for Southern Californians.

Retirement is so close you can see it. You have been dreaming a long time about all the things you will do once you retire, but now you are feeling trepidation. You may be ready for retirement, but are your finances? You wonder if you have really saved enough to last the rest of your life, and if not, what you can do to get on track while you are still working.

Questions you may be asking:

How much more do we need to save for retirement?

What happens to our portfolio when there is a recession?

What do we need to do to retire at a certain age?

What will our day-to-day finances look like when we retire?

How much travel can we afford?

What happens if we get hit by a big medical bill?

Our team wants you to embrace your retirement, not worry about it. We will sit down with you to determine where you are at and what you want your retirement to look like. We will do the analysis to determine whether you are on course and, if not, the steps you can take to help make your dream retirement achievable.

We will get into the details, including cash flow, distributions, Social Security, taxes, and all the fun things you’ve been waiting to do once you retired. Your detailed financial plan will include scenario modeling and stress testing so that when the day comes to clock out of work one final time, you can do it knowing you are prepared for a great retirement.

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RPA Wealth Management is a financial planning firm whose aim is simple: to provide you and your family with financial peace and security. We'll construct an individualized retirement plan to help you achieve your goals and lead a worry-free retirement.

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