By:  Matthew Theal, CFP® & Joshua Winterswyk, CFP®

Sell in May and go away? That’s the question I’m pondering after a disastrous month of March, April was a great month for the stock market. The S&P 500 returned 11% over the month, giving confidence to investors that the pandemic will soon pass.

That said, the economic data worsened during the month of April. First-quarter GDP was reported at -4.8%. Confirming we are in-fact in a recession.


Meanwhile, over the last 6 weeks, more than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment.

With economic data during the month so poor, people wondering how can the stock market have gone up?

The simple answer is, the stock market makes no logical sense. Or put another way, its a forward-looking mechanism that attempts to price events and data in well in advance. If the March sell-off was for the recession (April economic data), was the April rally for the recovery?

There’s an old stock market adage, it’s known as “Sell in May and go away.” It comes from the historical underperformance of stocks during the summer months. The strategy says you should sell stocks in May and buy back in November.

Does it work? It did but it looks like it hasn’t over the last 10 years. See this chart from LPL Research. Learn more about Sell in May and go away from Investopedia.












Being that we are still in a bear market, you probably will see a lot of talk about “Selling in May” this month but that doesn’t mean you should act. Long-term investors are always better off with a buy and hold strategy.

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Chart of the Week

As we turn the calendar over to May. The stock market confirmed it was still in a bear market as judged by the popular 200 moving average. The purple line in the chart. A monthly close above could have singled the start of a new bull market.