By the RPA Wealth Management Team

As we approach the holidays, we decided to take a pause on the financial topics and instead roll out the very first ever RPA holiday gift guide!

The idea behind the guide is to share your advisors’ favorite gifts to give this holiday season. We hope that we can give you some ideas for those tough-to-shop-for people in your life.

Brent Pasqua

Apple Airpods—$159

These Bluetooth headphones are my favorite for listening to podcasts and music and for taking calls from clients. They work seamlessly with my iPhone, are super stylish, and have no cords to get tangled.

Pottery Barn Hydrocotton Towel Set—$99 for six towels

You might think a bath towel is a strange gift, but I love these towels! My mother bought them for me as a gift, and now I recommend them to everyone. They are made from a super-soft Turkish cotton. The price tag is steep for towels, but these are high quality.

Matthew Theal

Helen’s Wine Club—$45/mo.

My wife and I have fallen in love with Helen’s Wine Club. Helen is the sommelier of all the restaurants of James Beard award-winning chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Each month she curates two bottles of natural wine for members.

If you aren’t familiar with natural wine, it is wine that is farmed organically without additives or processing aids and fermented with little or no intervention. It’s essentially wine that has not been overprocessed.

If you care about what you are eating, you should care about what you are drinking as well. You can learn more about natural wine here:

The Gravity Blanket—$249

Gravity blankets are amazing! They have been shown to reduce stress and improve sleep. If you are unfamiliar with them, the blankets are weighted, with the ideal selection being 10% of your body weight. You can buy them at 15, 20, and 25 pounds. Once you sleep one night with one of these blankets, you will never go back to your traditional blanket or comforter.

Joshua Winterswyk

Yeti Wine Tumbler 2 Pack—$49.99

My fiancée, Brooke, and I love these wine glasses from Yeti. A huge benefit is they are extremely durable. Ever tried to wash a Riedel? We use these tumblers when we are holding a picnic at the beach or going to the park with Memphis and Mila, our dogs. They are also great when we feel like having a glass on Friday nights and watching Narcos on Netflix.

Apple TV—$149

Speaking of Netflix, the Apple TV is my favorite way to watch Narcos and Ozark with Brooke. We also use Apple TV in the office to present our financial plans to clients. An added benefit of the device is that the screensavers are gorgeous, and you can even create your own using pictures of your kids or grandkids!

We would love to know what you plan on gifting this year, so drop us a comment below.

Happy holidays!